Tony Teora escapes (again) from 'Work'

Welcome to my new blog! Okay, so for anyone reading--I quit my day job last week. Yes, people say I'm nuts in a depression to quit my 'stable' job--but if you know me, you know it wasn't that hard of a decision.  On most days my job was a reasonably okay, on others, well...let's just say that sometimes the excrement hit the air conditioning.  Joking aside, I worked for a great company, and great people (mostly) but I wanted more freedom. Freedom as I've written is a funny thing--there's price to paid for any type of freedom.  In my latest short story, Roppongi, a young man wants his freedom. Actually, he's driven nuts trying to get his freedom. He's stuck in an underground off-world facility and just wants to see trees, clouds and get back to Earth. In the young man's search for truth he finds out that he's been living a life of illusion. Now, for all of us, aren't we all at times living in some kind of lie? Not wanting to know we should get more exercise? Believing we can still fit in our old pants when we should probably just throw them out or get some exercise. I've decided to go back to consulting which although not completely free, is a little freer than than the 'employee' of today's companies. Or at least I think so.  (If you see a cardboard sign in San Diego that says, 'Author--will write for food'  please put a dollar in my jar. ) I'll update everyone on my new writing projects and also a 10 episode investigative documentary video project called: 'Alien Agenda: Fact or Fiction'.  Those videos should start becoming available in June of 2011. Tony Teora www.tonyteora.com