Eyes in the Sky

Just completed a short story called ‘Eyes in the Sky’. This story is about a planet called Eos that’s a strange, totalitarian planet locked in a cycle of self destruction where everyone is chipped, monitored, scanned, and forced to adhere to the one true religion of ‘Mother Madea’ - or else receive ‘treatment’ at the medical facility known as ‘The Ranch’.

Into this crashes a humble alien, Mujav, a man on a mission to save the planet from itself – a task rendered almost impossible by dogma, fear, prejudice, and the fact that Mujav looks strikingly similar to the locals, hence no one believes he’s an alien.

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Eyes in the Sky is a story of a planet’s transformation. Just the presence of Mujav directly conflicts with the religious, military and the political infrastructure of Eos, and any citizen assisting in Mujav’s global paradigm shift will face heavy consequences – but none more so than Mujav, who faces a sentence of death for speaking the truth. Yet strangely, this may even be his goal…

Okay, so that’s the summary. Now I’ll give you a little more of the thought behind the story without giving away the story. I’ve noticed as I’ve gotten older that getting the truth out of anyone I see in the mainstream media is getting harder and harder. I think everyone feels that they can’t trust the masses with the truth. Now if that’s true, where the hell does society go? Do we end up with a bunch of intellectual, private schooled, FED funded controllers with a totally dumbed down populations? Is that what we have today? I hope not, as I’m somewhat of an optimist. Also, the story has a somewhat religious tone, and in that society they use a Mother Madea as an excuse for everything done. Now, I think spirituality is important, but we as humans can use it to justify any atrocity, so I think all people need to use their brains in conjunction with their beliefs.

Lastly, in this story I talk about the planet Eos’s global warming. Now, I can tell you that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that the weather on good ‘ole planet Earth is screwed up. We’re getting some of the coldest weather seen in decades and in other areas some of the hottest. We’re seeing bigger snow storms, more rain, floods, and even some weird stuff like birds and fish dying. Now this is great material for a SF writer, but as a citizen of this planet, it concerns me. I really hate it when I hear people say, “See, the planet isn't really getting any warmer, look at these cold weather patterns. Global warming is a hoax.” They allege something like it's so we have to pay a carbon tax or something like that. All I ask is this. “For the month that you saw all that cold weather in cities, A,B, and C, what was the global average temperature? Did it go up or down for that month when you look at the known history of temperatures?” Most people go, “A…duh, I don’t know.” I don’t even want to tell those folks the answer, but if they look, they can see that usually it’s been the highest monthly global temperature recorded in history—even when they have cold record in their home towns. Regardless of the reason, planet Earth is heating up, and it’s not good. This can and in my opinion will end up have disastrous consequences. The question I leave for everyone is: What can each one of us do?

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