May 7, 2011 Posted by TonyTeora in News

SciFi TV Series

Working with a Hollywood connected agency called Ambergate Associates. Eddie Kalish runs the company and has contacts out the ying yang.  He was Paramount's marketing director and worked on movies like Star Trek, Urban Cowboy, Pulp Fiction, James Bond and other stuff. He tells me he has a Star Trek Tricoder at home. For a SciFi fan, I'm drooling. (I'm gonna see if I can get this as part of a TV series deal). In any case, we've teamed up. I'm taking characters and some of the story line out of my latest novel 'Alien Ascension'  (should be out in a month or two). We are working on a TV Series treatment currently code named 'Falcon 51'.  It's a military SF story with a cool X-Files and Stargate like feeling.  We (or others) may change the name, but I like it.  When (and if) I get permission I'll post more about the story, but all I can say is that I think this is the coolest SF team I've ever assembled. I have to give Eddie a lot of credit because he's forcing me to think more creative than ever, and I can tell you, writing a TV Series treatment is a lot different than writing a novel. Lots of fun, but also lots of hard work. I'll update fans as we move along. Would like to get this series out, I know it sounds crazy but I look forward to watching it !