Alien Agenda: Fact or Fiction

Now I have to admit, that I've read books about UFOs since I was about ten or eleven years old.  When I was a kid I read the Air Force study Project Bluebook which said the Air Force stopped doing UFO research in 1970 (sure).  Now why would you stop investigating unidentified flying objects?  Some could be planes and new technologies from enemies. And lets just say for the sake of argument that the US really didn't ever find any strange alien maneuvering type craft (or part of blown up craft), does that mean we should forever stop  investigating strange phenomena? Of course all governments investigate these things. I find the government to be totally untrustworthy on the subject of aliens and ufos. That doesn't mean that every unidentified craft is some alien craft.  You know, when I read that the National Enquirer was the first 'newspaper' to break the John Edwards scandal, I thought two things: 1- The mainstream media is bought and paid for, and 2- The National Enquirer should get Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism. (They'll never get it as the jury is dominated by the bought and paid for news establishment).  So, you can't trust MSM. Most of us on the net already knew that. So where am I going here? Well, I know there are a lot of people researching the alien phenomena, but I felt that with my engineering and writing background, I could give a different perspective. As a scifi writer my mind is already open to the possibility of alien life, but as an engineer, I'm grounded in hard science. And since I now live in the American Southwest (San Diego), I thought I would do an investigative series on this interesting topic. My partner and I are calling it: Alien Agenda: Fact or Fiction.  Paul Giret, will put together the material once we finish taping, and we hope to hit up some really interesting people in the area. We're going to talk to folks and see what's really going on. Oh, and as Douglass Adams used to say, please, DON'T PANIC! If you're not open to alien life, or you feel this would destroy your religion, your morals, your values, etc, or you'd just panic, please stay away from this series. The Brookings Report put together by NASA in 1960 said people would question everything if mankind found an intelligent alien life. That was 1960. I think mankind has evolved since then and that the panic levels would be much lower. I believe we actually have much bigger problems on planet Earth than discovering that there really is intelligent alien life out there and that possibly some aliens have even visited Earth at some point in our history. (Or maybe they're here now?) But I wonder if they decided to visit Earth, does that preclude them from being called intelligent aliens? 🙂 We're hoping to put together 10 episodes that will be available online for purchase. We'll also throw out some free stuff for those not willing to support their local science fiction writer and video producer. We're gonna work hard to try and make each episode interesting, fun, and a learning event. And if we catch an alien in the process...well, we promise to let him go because that's just not being a good space brother.   Tony Teora
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