December 6, 2010 in Books

An American Maverick in Japan : The Rick Roa Story

Rick Roa unfortunately passed away in April of 2006. Rick estimated that he'd raised of $300 million doing all kinds a crazy promotions in Japan. There aren't many Americans from Brooklyn who have lived in Japan for over 30 years. How many Americans get to know the real dirt on Japanese society? How many wine and dine Japanese Prime Ministers and even the Tokyo Governor? Well, Mr. Roa who was profiled in the Robert Whiting book "Tokyo Underworld" has done this and more. (This story was sold to Hollywood and is in the works as a movie, http://www.hollywood.com/movie/Tokyo_Underworld/418386) Read about the life and times of a true American Maverick in Japan. Read about the hidden night life of Japan and how Rick Roa got to manage the gorgeous and famous Kano Sisters of Japan. Read about the crazy foreigners Rick Roa worked with in Japan including: Dick Clarke, Whitney Houston, Donna Summers, Bobby Brown. This is the true life story of a poor kid who left the Brooklyn gangs to travel the world and make it big Japan. This is the story of An American Maverick in Japan.
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