December 16, 2010 in Books


Centuries in the future humanity’s survivors fight mankind’s last battle—and it’s a battle for your mind! On an alien world in a deep underground base a young scientist named Tommy Tanaka invents a new spaceship engine. The engine allows colonists to go back to Earth in days and not the hundreds of years it originally took to arrive on planet Phoenix. But he soon realizes something is wrong with life on base Roppongi. Cloned Watcher controllers have monitored the progress of planetary terra-forming for hundreds of years, getting the planet ready for all colonists. But a possible murder and a decrypted message from his grandfather convinces Tommy that he must fly back to Earth to solve a transpiring riddle. As Tommy and his girlfriend Cat slowly peel the onion skin they encounter inexplicable delays on getting back to Earth. Both are convinced that Earth harbors a dark mystery that no one wants to discuss. As they put their lives at risk on getting back home they wonder if they’re ready for the truth. Will they make it back or die trying? Author’s Disclaimer: If you like dark secrets and conspiracies, then you’ll love Roppongi. Roppongi is for those who know in their hearts that the truth is not being told. For those bold enough to search for the truth—there are consequences! Tony Teora
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